Right to Know

General Information

Privacy of Student Records & Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
Student Code of Conduct
Accessibility Services
Student Diversity
Tuition and Fees
Refund Policy
Withdrawal Procedure
Impact of Withdrawal on Financial Aid
Textbook Information
Educational Programs
Instructional Facilities
Copyright Compliance Policy – DMCA Agent: Ms. Toni Carter, Library Director
Guidelines for Copyright Compliance
Computer Technology Acceptable Use
Student Activities
Career Development Center
Information Concerning Student Complaints
Statement on Inclusion and Civility
Policy Library

Student Outcomes

Graduation Rates– External Link

Student Financial Assistance

Financial Aid Regulations
Financial Aid Cohort Default Rates – External Link
Assistance Available from Federal, State, Local, and University Programs
Code of Conduct for Financial Aid Professionals
Estimated Cost of Attendance
Federal Student Aid (FSA) Ombudsman Group
Estimated Cost of Attendance
Lending Statement

Health & Safety

Drug-Free University
Drug and Alcohol Abuse: Awareness and Prevention
Campus Emergency Procedures
Campus Security Procedures & Crime Statistics
Emergency Response, Notification and Evacuation Procedures
Harassment Policies and Resource Persons
Campus SaVE Act – Eliminating Sexual Violence
Sexual Misconduct Policy and Procedures
Weapons and Firearms on University Property
ActiveMinds Resource Guide

Other Information

Teacher Preparation Program Reports
Voter Registration – External Link
Community Resources Guide